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Our portfolio managers work in teams, with more senior investment professionals sharing the accumulated knowledge derived from decades of experience with their younger counterparts. Close collaboration cultivates consistent results through full market cycles.

"You can have cheap equity valuations and good news, but you can't have both at the same time."
"Risk may be reduced by using a disciplined valuation approach when investing in high-quality growth franchises."
"Through conservatively investing in high-quality companies we believe we can construct a portfolio that should compound dividends and returns in a relatively low-risk manner over the long term."
"Despite the short-term risks, I believe the stock market remains one of the best ways to invest for the future."
"While markets are efficient over the long term, individual stocks are mis-priced at times, presenting exploitable inefficiencies."
"Investing in America's energy renaissance requires both industry expertise and solid fundamental investment discipline."
"Our investment approach is built upon a balance of discipline and a humble understanding of the limitations of human knowledge."
"Our investment process is based on fundamental analysis and a collaborative effort with research analysts."
"A good aggressive growth company doesn't just seize new opportunities - it can also create them."
"Adding fixed income securities to our menu of investment options provides the flexibility to meet a wide range of client needs."
"Through fundamental analysis and stock selection, we believe we can identify companies with superior prospects for capital appreciation."
"A stock's price informs us about market expectations for value creation. The question is whether it is discounting the appropriate set of assumptions."
"We want to capture as much of the upside as possible in good markets, but are always focused on managing risk to limit downside exposure in bad markets."
"By seeking out high-quality companies with strong balance sheets and good dividend profiles, we can find attractive long-term investments."
"A bottom-up approach is essential to finding companies that have attractive valuations and franchises capable of producing superior returns."
"What matters in investing is not your forecast for a company’s performance, but how your forecast differs from the market’s."
"Our approach to identifying potential investments is structured, systematic and objective."
"My strategy for investing in REITs aims to buy the underlying real estate for less than it would sell for in the private market."
"We believe that social and environmental issues are also sector-relevant business issues."
"Markets frequently tend to behave inefficiently, mispricing companies relative to underlying fundamentals and creating exploitable value opportunities for disciplined investors."
"We enjoy interacting with our clients and take pride in helping them achieve their financial goals."
"As active managers, we must be arrogant enough to think we can beat the market by discovering price-value gaps, yet humble enough to acknowledge that we will be wrong at times, and still courageous enough to bet our convictions."
"We use a long-term approach, while seeking to exploit price volatility, data deluge and illiquidity in the market."
"No matter what type of style you invest in, value or growth, overpaying for an investment will yield poor results."
"We use a rigorous investment process, based on a prudent search for value."
"The ongoing dialogue between portfolio managers and analysts leads to smarter choices."
"We keep a close watch on the overall economy, but always build our portfolios by selecting one stock at a time."
"When selecting investments, we want to have both confidence in a company's earnings growth potential and a solid understanding of why it is currently mispriced."
"Value can often be identified when alternative lenses are used to view a business."