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Institutional Investor Advisor Individual Investor
Total AUM Avg. PM Years Experience Years Since Inception
$7.3B 34 36
As of March 31 2020

Strategy Average Annual Total Returns

(%, Gross of Fees)2
YTD 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years 7 Years 10 Years
ClearBridge Aggressive Growth Composite -19.46 -8.66 0.19 1.65 7.43 10.60
Russell 3000 Growth Index -14.85 -0.44 10.54 9.74 12.47 12.68
As of March 31 2020


The Aggressive Growth Strategy follows a focused, high conviction approach, emphasizing stocks across market capitalizations with sustainable earnings and cash flow growth. As long-term business owners, the portfolio managers expect to hold companies for 10 years or longer.  

Strategy Overview All cap growth strategy
Benchmark Russell 3000 Growth Index
Total Strategy AUM $7.3B
Holdings Range 50-801
Objective Long-term growth of capital3

Investment Philosophy

The team believes attractive results may be achieved by investing in large, mid and small-size companies that offer long-term earnings growth prospects.

Meet Our Managers

Evan Bauman

Portfolio Manager
24 Years experience
24 Years at ClearBridge

Richard Freeman

Portfolio Manager
44 Years experience
37 Years at ClearBridge

Strategy Facts

A focus on sustainable growth franchises has resulted in a persistent bias toward the health care, energy, information technology and media sectors.

Buy and hold approach has resulted in average annual portfolio turnover that is among the lowest in its peer group.

The portfolio managers take a contrarian approach to growth, often owning stocks that bear a low correlation to the overall market and other growth strategies.  

Literature & Perspectives

  • Aggressive Growth, Multi Cap Growth Volatility Update
    PM Evan Bauman discusses catalysts that could bring a change in market leadership and how elevated market volatility has created opportunities to reposition the portfolios.
  • Aggressive Growth Strategy
    1Q20 Commentary: We used the spike in volatility to consolidate and reposition the portfolio for the long term.
  • Aggressive Growth Strategy
    4Q19 Commentary: The recent shift in market leadership could be the start of a multi-year trend favoring attractively valued stocks with robust cash flow profiles.
  • Aggressive Growth Strategy
    November 2019 Commentary: Strong relative performance continued as investors recognize companies in less crowded areas of the market.
  • Aggressive Growth Strategy
    October 2019 Commentary: Broadening market participation, highlighted by the rebound of health care, is enabling quality undervalued companies to be monetized.

Investment Process

  • Own diverse investments across industries, focusing on leading companies with sustainable earnings and cash flow growth
  • Establish positions in emerging growth companies that have passed their "start-up" phase with positive earnings and the potential for significant profit gains
  • Consider for purchase or greater allocation companies that may benefit from new technologies, products or services; new cost-reducing measures; changes in management or favorable changes in government regulations


A high-conviction approach has led to above-average long-term returns. 

Average Annual Total Returns (%, Gross of Fees)2

YTD 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years 7 Years 10 Years
ClearBridge Aggressive Growth Composite -19.46 -8.66 0.19 1.65 7.43 10.60
Russell 3000 Growth Index -14.85 -0.44 10.54 9.74 12.47 12.68


The Strategy's top 10 holdings typically comprise more than 50% of portfolio assets.

Sector Weights1,2

Representative Portfolio Russell 3000 Growth Index
Health Care 34.06 16.18
Information Technology 30.50 38.52
Communication Services 27.99 11.12
19.39 13.73
Industrials 4.67 8.56
Financials 0.98 3.08
Energy 0.61 0.15
Materials 0.56 1.33
Consumer Discretionary 0.30 13.81
Consumer Staples 0.00 4.56
Real Estate 0.00 2.59
Utilities 0.00 0.11
Unassigned 0.00 0.00
-19.46 -14.85
Cash 0.33 0.00
Portfolio Characteristics1,2
Characteristics Representative Portfolio Russell 3000 Growth Index
P/E Ratio (trailing 12 mos.) 14.6 24.0
P/E Ratio (forward 12 mos.) 12.7 21.3
Price/Book 3.9 8.4
EPS Growth Next 3-5 Years (%) 11.9 13.7
Weighted Median Market Cap ($ bn) 34.2 124.2
Weighted Average Market Cap ($ bn) 65.4 345.7
ROE 19.8 29.6
Dividend Yield 1.6 1.3
Turnover (trailing 12 mos.) 1.3 --
Risk Statistics1,2
10 Year Risk Statistics Composite Russell 3000 Growth Index
Annualized Returns (10 Years) 10.60 12.68
Standard Deviation (%) 16.39 13.88
Sharpe Ratio 0.66 0.89
Tracking Error (%) 6.00 --
R2 0.87 --
Alpha (%) -2.77 --
Beta 1.10 --
Top 10 Holdings1
Characteristics % of Total Representative Portfolio
Biogen Inc 10.02
Comcast Corp 9.11
UnitedHealth Group Inc 7.17
Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc 6.28
Seagate Technology PLC 5.39
Autodesk Inc 4.53
Liberty Broadband Corp 4.43
Broadcom Inc 4.26
TE Connectivity Ltd 3.37
Discovery Inc 3.33
Total 57.88
Total Number of Holdings 48
  • 1

    Source: FactSet. Representative portfolio characteristics, holdings, sector weightings and market cap are based on a representative portfolio and are subject to change at any time. Holdings, sector weightings, market cap and portfolio characteristics of individual client portfolios may differ, sometimes significantly, from those shown. This information does not constitute, and should not be construed as, investment advice or recommendations with respect to the securities and sectors listed.

  • 2

    Past performance is no guarantee of future results. See GIPS endnotes. Performance is preliminary and subject to change.

  • 3

    There is no guarantee that the Strategy's objective will be met.

  • P/E ratios are weighted harmonic average. Price/Book is weighted average.

  • Performance source: Internal. Benchmark source: Russell Investments. Frank Russell Company (“Russell”) is the source and owner of the trademarks, service marks and copyrights related to the Russell Indexes. Russell® is a trademark of Frank Russell Company. Neither Russell nor its licensors accept any liability for any errors or omissions in the Russell Indexes and/or Russell ratings or underlying data and no party may rely on any Russell Indexes and/or Russell ratings and/or underlying data contained in this communication. No further distribution of Russell Data is permitted without Russell’s express written consent. Russell does not promote, sponsor or endorse the content of this communication.

  • Annualized Returns  1 Yr (3/31/20) 3 Yrs (3/31/20) 5 Yrs (3/31/20) 10 Yrs (3/31/20)
    Net of Fees -9.3% -0.6% 0.9% 9.8%
    Gross of Fees -8.7% 0.2% 1.7% 10.6%
    Benchmark -0.4% 10.5% 9.7% 12.7%
  • ClearBridge Investments, LLC claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®). ClearBridge Investments, LLC ("ClearBridge") is a wholly owned subsidiary of Legg Mason, Inc. ("Legg Mason"). The investment advisory business now known as ClearBridge was registered in September 2005 to facilitate Legg Mason's acquisition of substantially all the equity asset management businesses known as Citigroup Asset Management. These former businesses serve as the foundation of ClearBridge and its claim of GIPS compliance for institutional accounts through predecessor firms, effective as of January 1997. In June 2008, ClearBridge combined this business with its retail business to form a single GIPS firm. As of April 1, 2013 and January 1, 2016, ClearBridge's affiliates, Global Currents Investment Management, LLC, and ClearBridge, LLC, respectively, have become part of the ClearBridge GIPS firm. The ClearBridge Aggressive Growth Composite seeks capital appreciation by investing primarily in common stocks of companies that the manager believes are experiencing, or will experience, growth in earnings exceeding the average rate of earnings growth of companies which comprise the S&P500 Index. The accounts may invest in the securities of large, medium and small capitalization companies that offer prospects of long-term earnings growth.  Results are calculated in U.S. dollars.  The Russell 3000 Growth Index measures the performance of those Russell 3000 Index companies with higher price-to-book ratios and higher forecasted growth values. To receive a complete list and description of ClearBridge composites and/or a presentation that adheres to the GIPS standards, please contact ClearBridge Institutional Marketing.