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Institutional Investor Advisor Individual Investor
Total AUM Avg. PM Years Experience Years Since Inception
$40.5M 28 6
As of September 30 2020

Strategy Average Annual Total Returns

(%, Gross of Fees)2
YTD 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years Since Inception
ClearBridge International Growth Composite 8.92 18.65 11.07 13.86 10.00
MSCI AC World ex USA (Net) (USD) Index -5.44 3.00 1.16 6.23 3.34
As of September 30 2020


The International Growth Strategy takes a diversified approach in search of mispriced growth companies across market capitalizations.

Strategy Overview Growth-oriented investment management, offering exposure to non-U.S. markets
Benchmark MSCI AC World ex USA (Net) (USD) Index
Total Strategy AUM $40.5M
Holdings Range 50-801
Objective Long-term growth of capital while seeking to outperform the benchmark over a full market cycle3

Investment Philosophy

In the long term, markets are efficient and stock prices reflect a company’s dynamic intrinsic value or true worth.

Meet Our Managers

Elisa Mazen

Head of Global Growth, Portfolio Manager
35 Years experience
12 Years at ClearBridge

Thor Olsson

Portfolio Manager
23 Years experience
20 Years at ClearBridge

Michael Testorf, CFA

Portfolio Manager
33 Years experience
5 Years at ClearBridge

Pawel Wroblewski, CFA

Portfolio Manager
24 Years experience
12 Years at ClearBridge

Strategy Facts

The Strategy promotes diversification by targeting stocks at three different stages of their growth lifecycle: emerging, secular and structural growth companies.

A proprietary model pinpoints high quality but under-appreciated growth stocks and helps avoid stocks experiencing negative trends.

The team of four portfolio managers brings a long tenure of global investment experience.

Literature & Perspectives

Investment Process

  • Generate ideas leveraging a proprietary factor model and ClearBridge’s global research platform
  • Conduct detailed fundamental industry and company research, focusing on investment thesis, valuation and risk scenarios
  • Construct and monitor portfolio, guided by price, level of conviction and attention to risk management


A focus on mispriced growth companies has led to competitive results.

Average Annual Total Returns (%, Gross of Fees)2

YTD 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years Since Inception
ClearBridge International Growth Composite 8.92 18.65 11.07 13.86 10.00
MSCI AC World ex USA (Net) (USD) Index -5.44 3.00 1.16 6.23 3.34


The Strategy’s sector weights reflect its high active share approach to stock selection.

Sector Weights1,2

Representative Portfolio MSCI AC World ex USA (Net) (USD) Index
Information Technology 29.02 11.74
Consumer Discretionary 12.71 13.81
Industrials 12.41 11.71
Health Care 12.06 10.49
Consumer Staples 9.63 9.74
Financials 9.30 16.92
Communication Services 8.68 7.45
Materials 3.34 7.89
Utilities 1.85 3.36
Energy 0.00 4.17
Real Estate 0.00 2.71
Cash 1.01 0.00
Portfolio Characteristics1,2
Characteristics Representative Portfolio MSCI AC World ex USA (Net) (USD) Index
P/E Ratio (trailing 12 mos.) 32.4 18.3
P/E Ratio (forward 12 mos.) 31.7 17.8
Price/Book 6.0 3.7
EPS Growth Next 3-5 Years (%) 15.5 11.4
Weighted Median Market Cap ($ bn) 49.8 36.1
Weighted Average Market Cap ($ bn) 135.7 97.3
ROE 16.7 13.9
Dividend Yield 1.1 2.8
Turnover (trailing 12 mos.) 73.4 --
Risk Statistics1
5 Year Risk Statistics Composite MSCI AC World ex USA (Net) (USD) Index
Annualized Returns (5 Years) 13.86 6.23
Standard Deviation (%) 13.89 14.49
Sharpe Ratio 0.93 0.41
Tracking Error (%) 5.29 --
R2 0.87 --
Alpha (%) 7.80 --
Beta 0.89 --
Top 10 Holdings1
Characteristics % of Total Representative Portfolio
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd 3.49
Tencent Holdings Ltd 3.44
London Stock Exchange Group PLC 3.24
Nestle SA 3.24
Nintendo Co Ltd 3.19
Adyen NV 2.73
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd 2.69
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd 2.53
Ping An Insurance Group Co of China Ltd 2.44
L'Oreal SA 2.41
Total 29.40
Total Number of Holdings 59
  • 1

    Source: FactSet. Representative portfolio characteristics, holdings, sector weightings and market cap are based on a representative portfolio and are subject to change at any time. Holdings, sector weightings, market cap and portfolio characteristics of individual client portfolios may differ, sometimes significantly, from those shown. This information does not constitute, and should not be construed as, investment advice or recommendations with respect to the securities and sectors listed.

  • 2

    Past performance is no guarantee of future results. See GIPS endnotes. Performance is preliminary and subject to change.

  • 3

    There is no guarantee that the Strategy's objective will be met.

  • P/E ratios are weighted harmonic average. Price/Book is weighted average.

  • Performance source: Internal. Benchmark source: Morgan Stanley Capital International. 

  • Annualized Returns 1 Yr (9/30/20) 3 Yrs (9/30/20) 5 Yrs (9/30/20) Since Inception (9/30/20)
    Net-of-fees  17.7% 10.2% 13.0% 9.1%
    Gross-of-fees  18.6% 11.1% 13.9% 10.0%
    MSCI AC World ex USA (Net) (USD) 3.0% 1.2% 6.2% 3.3%
  • ClearBridge Investments, LLC claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®). ClearBridge Investments, LLC ("ClearBridge") is a wholly owned subsidiary of Legg Mason, Inc. ("Legg Mason"). The investment advisory business now known as ClearBridge was registered in September 2005 to facilitate Legg Mason's acquisition of substantially all the equity asset management businesses known as Citigroup Asset Management. These former businesses serve as the foundation of ClearBridge and its claim of GIPS compliance for institutional accounts through predecessor firms, effective as of January 1997.  In June 2008, ClearBridge combined this business with its retail business to form a single GIPS firm.  As of April 1, 2013 and January 1, 2016, ClearBridge's affiliates, Global Currents Investment Management, LLC, and ClearBridge, LLC, respectively, have become part of the ClearBridge GIPS firm. In July 2020 Legg Mason, Inc. was purchased by Franklin Resources Inc. The ClearBridge International Growth composite consists of discretionary accounts with no account minimum. All accounts within the composite invest primarily in large, mid and small capitalization stocks of companies believed to have above-average potential for growth in revenue, earnings, cash flow, or other similar criteria which are located outside the U.S. including across developed and emerging markets in Canada, Europe, Asia, Australasia, Central and Latin America and Africa. The Portfolio will invest at least 80% of its assets in the securities of companies that are domiciled outside the U.S. Results are calculated in U.S. dollars. The MSCI All Country World Index ex U.S. ® is a free float-adjusted market capitalization weighted index that is designed to measure the equity market performance of developed and emerging markets excluding the U.S. To receive a complete list and description of ClearBridge composites and/or a presentation that adheres to the GIPS standards, please contact ClearBridge Institutional Marketing.